Semalt Shares The Best Web Data Extraction Service

PromptCloud is a web data extraction company that uses DaaS model to extract useful data from target web pages. PromptCloud comprises of well-set infrastructure and utilities that are used to deliver your content in formats such as CSV, JSON, and XML.

Why PromptCloud?

PromptCloud is the ultimate solution for extracting large amounts of data from websites. Lots of approaches are used to scrape both web pages and sites. With this data extraction service provider, you can scrape target websites provided without limits.

Web data extraction is a DIY task that involves pulling out data from sites. However, if your project entails extracting a vast amount of information from dynamic websites, hiring a service provider is the best option to consider. PromptCloud offers potential clients with benefits such as:

  • Committed full-time customer support
  • Monitoring target websites
  • Fully managed web data extraction service

How PromptCloud Works

This data extraction service provider works by setting up crawlers on the target website, cleansing scraped data and finally delivering the data to clients in usable formats. Once you make the payment, PromptCloud technical team starts extracting information from the target websites using your opted scraping frequency, method, and forms.

PromptCloud uses the DaaS model to scrape and deliver content to clients. During the entire web scraping process, your only contributions will be stating the frequency at which data will be extracted, data fields to be scraped, and the target websites. In most cases, this data extraction service provider uses FTP, Amazon S3 and API to deliver scraped content to clients.

Applications of web data extraction

PromptCloud is used in various fields and applications. Web data extraction is mostly used to pull out data for brand monitoring and business intelligence. Here are other significant applications of web data extraction.

Market Research

Market research is a field that relies on vast amounts of data for reliability purposes. With PromptCloud, you can easily extract accurate and clean data for your market analysis projects.

Price Comparison

To succeed in the current online and net marketing industry, you need to have access to data feeds from your top-competitors is of utmost significance. If you are working on analyzing your competitor's data feeds, PromptCloud is the service provider to consider.

Brand monitoring

A brand image tells all about your company. You need a compelling brand image to succeed in today's competitive business markets. Use PromptCloud's scraping services to track your web presence and the opinions of clients towards your products.


Retrieving product categories from e-commerce portals can be a cumbersome task. With PromptCloud, you can access product data from e-commerce portals, including the right images to be used in cataloging.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis relies on the extraction of useful data from social media platforms such as Twitter. With PromptCloud, you can access opinions from public forums such as reviews and blogs and understand the view of clients regarding your products.

Nowadays, data has become an essential tool in making business decisions. A businesses owner and marketing consultants rely on data across the web for analysis and business intelligence. This is where PromptCloud comes in. PromptCloud comprises of dynamic automation capabilities that allow the service provider to deliver accurate and well-structured data. Hire PromptCloud service provider and take your web scraping experience to the next level.

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